Trainees are successful in achieving higher fitness results because you can do everything from your own home and at your own leisure and convenience. You control your own schedule. Even if you are away on vacation or out of town, you can still be coached with 100% effectiveness. Offnote to mention that We have many satisfied clients and well-trained coaches already using live 1−1 training sessions

Yes. However, you will need headphones, a smartphone with a good camera, Internet connection and a selfie stick tripod. From our experience, most of the gyms are okay with online trainers, however, check with your gym for their policy

Yes, this platform is for all physical wellness. Clients can opt services of our trainers and therapist at the convenience of being at home or anywhere given the busy lifestyle.

Based on your requirements, your program will be hand-designed personally for YOUR needs. Every client will have access to the program set by the trainer or by the mental therapist. You will be given a personal login so you can download or view your Coaching plan, training schedule, and workouts. You’ll also have exclusive access to tools to help you with progress.

Yes, our platform allows you to change PT and fitness experts. We do so quickly and effortlessly. Please contact a member of staff for more details.

What makes Online coaching different from traditional gym programs?
  • What makes Online coaching different from traditional gym programs?
  • 4-5 times cheaper than the traditional gym program with 1-1 personal trainer,
  • Customized program and monitoring
Our goal is to get you to a fit state, increase energy and adopt long-term healthy lifestyle habits so you won’t need a personal trainer to work out daily.

Your program is costumed tailored for YOU based on your starting point, health history, exercise history, fitness level, availability and lifestyle. Everybody journey is different some see the result straight away some see results later in the program If you’ve hit a stall, we will be able to catch it right away and ensure you are moving in the right direction. But on average, typical, healthy and normal weight loss is around 1 kg a week, and many of my current and past clients see this kind of result and a total 12kg of fat plus two+ dress size in 90 days.

Yes, the coach will design a plan keeping your long term goal. This includes individual from all fitness level. The coach can also recommend to have a very basic equipment such as Dumbbell at home however not necessarily a requirement.

Don’t worry if the space is slightly smaller or bigger. The goal is for the trainer to be able to see you from head to toe.

There is no one DIET formula for every individual. We will instead work together based on your preferences that fit your goals and lifestyle and come
up with a specific formula that works for you but everyone is different which means depending on your preference. Certified dietitian- nutritionist will be there to assist you

Your nutrition is the most important aspect of fitness programs. Having the correct calories and macros can literally make or break your progress. And planning your meals in a way to make it easier for you, eliminating the guesswork is very important and #1 priority.

As for a meal plan coach can assist you on basics however our recommendation would be to opt for certified dietitian services provided by us.

Who is this for and who are your typical clients?

It all depends on what we’re dealing with; yes we can work around and be considered. If you are dealing with a relatively new injury, make sure you’ve completed all physical therapy, and have doctor’s clearance BEFORE starting with us. If it’s an old injury, then feel free to tell the coach about what you can or cannot do, and the coach will accordingly plan the best workout for you.

All you need is a laptop/smartphone with access to the Internet. Our sessions do not require any additional equipment. In special cases, your trainer will instruct you about all the equipment your need for your personal fitness goals.

Personalized training allows you the flexibility to fit workouts into even the busiest schedules.

In case of adequate and valid reasons classes can be partially cancelled and refunded accordingly. Please contact a member of staff for more details.