We offer customized and affordable fitness programs by top qualified trainers proven to deliver fast results.

"Lack of physical activity, unhealthy diet and stress, cause our body to lose muscle and become sick. This leads to a reduced quality of life, loss of independence and a higher risk of disease. Staying fit is hard enough without help of qualified advisors. However, services offered online and offline are too expensive and not accessible to the majority of people.
That’s why we created MyFitBay— the premiere 1 to 1 fitness platform designed specifically for people who want to improve fitness level with the help of top trainers at very affordable price.
Our price for 1 to 1 live online session with fitness trainer is AED 55 or US $ 15 for 60 minutes session.
And here’s the best part — you do it all from home on your laptop or mobile device.
No matter what your age young or senior, you should live a healthy life. It's never too late to start preserving your quality of life and gaining the freedom to enjoy the things that matter the most. Build your Body. Gain your physical strength. Improve and extend your Life. Live happier with MyFitBay."



Certified trainers can train you even if you have never
worked out before. We meet you at YOUR ability but you won’t believe  how fast you start to level up! 

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